Choctaw/Cherokee Nation

Monday, June 05, 2006

"Trail of Tears"

"Trail of Tears" Today will never be confined within the Tears of those who walked the "Trail of Tears and Death" in 1838-1839 from the New Echota Cherokee Nation, Gerogia, Tennesee, Georgia across the North American Continent from the East traveling on foot Westward towards Fort Smith Arkansas then final destination, Oklahoma Indian Nations. When I first began my Indian Nations Direct Descendant Research, trying to find some resolve within my own desperate attempt to find some resolve, to make some sence of understanding of exactly why it was so important for me to find my "Place of Belonging". Many years of Indian Nations Research finally brought me to the place in my life where I had to make peace within myself, finally realizing that those questions and answers will never bring complete peace within my own soul or my own personal place of belonging. If I found one document showing Indian Nation belonging then it eventually would lead me into another Indian Nations Reserach direction. When we decided to Petition Washington DC for Federal Recognition as one People from Historical times, little could I have possibly realized that Historical Indian Nations Federal intervention could have ever possibly have reapeated itself within this Twentitieth First Century of this year of "Two Thousand and Six Hundred". How could the "Trail of Tears" ever repeat itself within these days of a Nation that's supposed to be a "Civilized Nation? Spit family unhappiness of Tribal Positions, untrusting Tribal members worrying about grant money issues. A Tribal family with their eyes directing themselves towards "All that Glitters". A Tribal family with their eyes and thoughts directing themselves, their lives towards Power, Money and words of Distrust. I can come forward to show wisdom within BIA Legislative Language, but now today my interest is not to show Indian Nations knowledge but to now speak of things that have over the past 5 generations become an Indian Nations Federal Intervention Political Legislative Language slippery slope. Federal quest to become a CDIB "Certificate Degree of Indian Blood" only for reason of Indian Nations Federal Services. Losing site of not only a personal Indian Heritage, but also losing site of our own personal Indian Heritage blood that was shed on the "Trail of Tears". I find myself now days not having the excitment anymore that was once stirring the blood within my soul when I came on a Indian Nations document showing my Direct Descendant Indian nations heritage. I finally realized that my life as a "Cherokee Nation Researcher" has now come full circle to now find myself realizing that I can never share my Indian Nation heritage with those only looking for the monitary value of ones own Indian Nation heritage. I'm not trying to single out any one particular Indian Nation Heritage or any single personal family connection, because I finally realized within my own souls searching that I too can now find fault within my own reasons for searching within my own Indian Nations as to my own selfish reasons. I believe one has to come to the conclusion that once federal intervention had begun over five generations ago, we as an Indian Nations had no choice but to conform and find within their own personal resolutions as to the fact that Federal interventions will always force a people from historical times to be confined within their own federal fences that began from the first meeting of the Indian Nations with the European to the final resting places within federal fences that can be still seen today as Reserved Indian Reservations or "Lands Held in Trust" by the dept of interior, or those fences designed to be hidden within many local and higher levels of government rules and regulations. 1832 Federal Cherokee Land lots, Cherokee mixed blood applications for money allotments based of Great Indian nations relocations of 1838-1839 "Trail of Tears" was an Indian Nation of people trying to survive by any means possible. Today, we are a Nation that has the right, the same equal opportunities as any color, race, creed or religion of people to make our lives succesful or fail as a people who has no desire to become a people with direction or reason. I'm not sure I will ever cease my desire to find my rightful place within the Indian Nations, but I must now Realize my desire, my excitement within my own personal satisfaction of now knowing my true Heritage as a True human Being must now be restored within my own Spiritual Soul. One of the most misunderstood fact about those reasearching their own personal Indian heritage within any given Indian Nations Geographical Area is that, if one does not find a particular Indian heritage confined within one Heritage, then Indian heritage does not exist. Many Indian Nations of Heritages were brought together within the "Trail of Tears" 1838 to find themselves part of one of the most known Historical inter-wed explosisions heard across the North American Continent. Indian Heritage blood lines today is one of the most contreversial subjects among Native American Professors today. Cherokee Nation, Chief John Ross (1828-1868) himself was only 1/8th Cherokee, but his ability to guide his people was not based on blood quantum, it was based on his knowledge within Legislative Language within those in higher places of Federal Government, BIA Washington DC. Don't give up hope! Chief, Leo W Pergson, Choctaw Nation Oklahoma Indian Nations.